A Death in the Family

Former DA homicide chief says El Toro officer was murdered

For Dr. Sabow, the waiting game could be almost over. Already in a wheelchair during the 2000 trial in Orange County due to back complications, his health has continued to decline, partly a result of the strain of his obsession with his brother's death. He wasn't available to comment because shortly after agreeing to talk, he was rushed to the hospital for spinal surgery. But in a recent e-mail, he claimed Nordby has had all the evidence necessary to complete his findings for several months—and that the Pentagon is still covering up a murder.

"I cannot understand how the [Pentagon] is again disobeying the most recent directive," he says. "Actually, I do understand, and it is because I am on the verge of exposing Gestapo tactics used by a criminal element within my government. And, no, I am not a conspiracy nut, just a brother who will never, never stop before I finish the job, even if it costs me my life."


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