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The Sweet Spot: Another week of tasty treats

"[S]he whispered to me, cell phone still cradled between her shoulder and her ear, that she 'loved' my black and white polka dot dress [. . .] In November, ran a feature story on Hilton in which a reporter revealed that Hilton's sartorial exclamation 'I just love your dress!' was her way of politely calling me a 'Debbie.' That's Hiltonspeak for a 'desperate' or 'hungry' person in search of 'fame and attention' who 'can't yet figure out how to get it.' I winced, remembering that I'd replied to Hilton's faux compliment with an enthusiastic, albeit slurred, 'Thanks! I got it at Loehmann's!'"

Watch your ass, Hilton! Nobody picks on my Mary Reilly but me!

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Drink 'em up, yum
Drink 'em up, yum

MELTING POINT WRAP-UP:Last week, in a show about the UN (again!), a caller accused me of not being in touch with my femininity, before saying I indulge in "ad hominem-lite" attacks. KJ said the UN must die; Shawnand Eric agreed, but Eric said the mess in the Middle East is Jimmy Carter's fault for "projecting weakness," and those, to me, are fighting words. I don't recall Jimmy Carter negotiating with terrorists and offering them arms to keep our hostages until after the election—that was Ronnie Reagan—but I guess that's just me. Also, my old friend Benton (like from before I was born; our moms went to school together 45 years ago) called in and said something about abortion and men going to the bathroom standing up, but he'd just come from our other family friend's wedding, so I have to assume he was hammered. Plus, we give out T-shirts. How can you not want to get in on that?

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