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Night of the Ladyboys: How the A-list have fallen

Quiksilver too. It's the booze.

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By Saturday, when theProgressive Democrats of America hosted a second anniversary shindig at a supporter's home in Laguna Beach, I was feeling like a wet bag of cat hair. (I went out Tuesday and Wednesday, too, you know: Tuesday to Cavallino's in Huntington Beach for some jazz that didn't suck, and Wednesday to Fleming's steakhouse in Fashion Island for lobster appetizers, petit filet mignon Oscar, a bottle of wine and literally every dessert on the menu in preparation for the Weekly's upcoming food issue. Check it Aug. 17!)

Quiksilver: It's the booze. Photo courtesy Quiksilver
Quiksilver: It's the booze. Photo courtesy Quiksilver

But back to the PDA, me and my getting-wrinkly bag of bones. (Baby needs to hydrate!) Aliso Viejo Councilman (and Green) Karl Warkomski was there, talkin' biodiesel conversion (turns out you do indeed need to start with a diesel); Dem Congressional candidate Steve Young, running in the 48th, had some doubtless very cogent remarks on an unsuccessful prosecution of vandalous peace activists in Ireland; the women—volunteers and activists like Gila Jones, Desiree Funsch and Mary Carter (the hostess) kept the event well-lubricated. And when Loretta Sanchez—who'd flown home from D.C. that morning for the event after staying at the Capitol voting till 2 a.m.—is on, she's on. The crowd—by which I mean me—really, really enjoyed her very frank talk about all the shit going down in Congress. And that's actually what she talked about: she said shit a lot,along with shitty and various other permutations, possibly including shitifferous but possibly not too. The older I get—and the longer she's been a Democrat—the more I like Loretta. (I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I called her "Loretta.") She's outspoken, she votes right—against the Debacle in Iraqland the Patriot Act, for instance—and she reminded us that some Dems from some districts are allowed to be shitheads on some issues. I just hope she wasn't talking about Joe Lieberman. That's one Chosen Guy that needs the boot. Don't forget Melting Point Radio, Sunday, 11 p.m., on KRLA-AM 870. it sucks less if you call.

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