Diary of Mad County

July 12 - July 18

Tuesday, July 18
When we ran the picture of George Bushflipping off a TV camera in our Nov. 5, 2004, edition, we got a ton of angry letters whose writers were sure that we had doctored the photo and degraded the children. "It honestly makes me sick to know that the picture of our president and his middle finger is sitting in front of a local sandwich restaurant where small children can easily see it. Your paper makes me sick." Well, well, well, look who was caught on microphone at the G8 summit saying that the present unrest in Middle East could be solved if Syria could "get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over." You know, I could care less that President Potty Mouth used the S-word. Contextually, he's right on the mark. Bad shit has distinguished the Middle East situation since, um . . . when was Nebuchadnezzar born? I'm much more offended by the sweet sounding words Bush uses; words like "defending marriage" and "mission accomplished" and "heck of a job."

July 13: Sweeet.
July 13: Sweeet.

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