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Chappelle Show (Lost Episodes)

Chappelle Show
9 tonight
Comedy Central

I'm back, beeeeee-cause after Dave Chappelle walked off his hugely successful comedy show, negating a $50 million contract, the network is airing the mythical "lost episodes" that were in the can when the host split for Africa—which woulda made a helluva reality show, should anyone have thought to tape it. (And if he'd had James Lipton along with him: pure gold!) The preview we uploaded has a lampoon of MTV's Cribs, which seems kinda hacky to me—but I'm not the one who got paid the gross national product of Peru to do it. Nor am I the one to walk away from said fortune. Nor am I James Lipton (no matter how hard I pray at night). But Cribs preview aside, it is possible the rest of the skit shed new comedic light on the overdone premise, and that the rest of the show and other lost episodes reveal more of Chappelle's comic genius. I am looking forward to regular Charlie Murphy's spin on his famous brother Eddie. If it's one-tenth as hilarious as that Rick James shit, it'll alone be worth the illegal cable hook-up.