Diary of a Mad County

July 5 - July 11

Tuesday, July 11
And when we're talking creepy government intrusions, can Costa Mesa be far behind? A group of about 50 current and former elected officials, business leaders, and residents of the city have announced they have formed a group called Return to Reason to replace local elected politicians whose Draconian moves regarding immigrants have earned the city the moniker of Little Birmingham. Former Costa Mesa Mayor Joe Erickson, a Return to Reason supporter, said,"When someone thinks about Costa Mesa, they don't think about good schools and good neighborhoods. . . . They think about immigration." Erickson further said Return to Reason wants to erase the notion that the city is populated by rednecks, you know, except when the fair is going on.

July 6:: Wassup, RVCA-kers. Photo by Matt Otto
July 6:: Wassup, RVCA-kers. Photo by Matt Otto


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