Whistleblower Blues

Outspoken Western Med doctor arrested in suspcious road-rage incident

"The police officer said he viewed the camera shots, and nobody invaded or entered the car," Badin said.

Wawro is betting police will quickly clear Fitzgibbons, but doubts the cops will ever figure out what really happened. "I suspect this will eventually go down as an inexplicable circumstance that nobody can explain in any satisfactory manner," he said. "People will scratch their heads and wonder what sort of person Fitzgibbons is, just after he emerges as the victor in this long-standing court battle. This is unfair, and the only motive I can think of is for someone to make him appear like some sort of marginal character. It's one more link in a long chain of peculiar circumstances."

It's "Dr. Fitzgibbons" to you. Photo by Amy Theilig
It's "Dr. Fitzgibbons" to you. Photo by Amy Theilig

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