!Ask a Mexican! Glossary

The Mexican explains it all

TapatŪo: A popular hot sauce brand featuring a man in a mustache and sombrero. Drunk by Mexicans from cradle to crypt.

Tejana: A Stetson cowboy hat.

Tequila: Liquor distilled from the agave plant of central Mexico. Also flows in the blood of any real Mexican.

Mark Dancey illustration
Mark Dancey illustration

Tortilla: A thin disk of corn meal eaten by Mexicans since time immemorial. Also great impromptu Frisbees.

Ustedes: A fancy way of saying "y'all."

Virgin of Guadalupe: The patron saint of Mexico. Appears everywhere in Mexican society, from churches to silk shirts to hubcaps.

Wab: The Orange County version of "wetback." Spread our hate wide and far, por favor.

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