Diary of a Mad County

May 30 - June 6

Monday, June 5
The folks at Allergan, who really can't believe you're going out looking like that, announce they've received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to sell Juvederm, a dermal filler that targets areas along the nose and mouth. Basically, spackle for your face. And, eeewww your face! The Irvine-based Allergan has made billions off your disgusting and odorous mugs, Juvederm just being the latest, though by no means the last, product to do so. In the coming months, Allergan expects to get FDA approval for beauty treatments, including an Orange County-inspired treatment that decreases the signs of unsightly avarice, as well as an all-over treatment currently going by the working title of "Sack as Big as Your Head."

Tuesday, June 6
An election? Where? Really?

Saturday: Hell on Earth. Photo by Keith May
Saturday: Hell on Earth. Photo by Keith May

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