Commie Girl

Hooray for the Evil Queen! Crazy sex, evil, awards top local communists perfect month!

Then they said this was no time for "partisan temper tantrums," and that Westly—the man who went negative first after pledging not to go negative first, as the LA Timesat least has the grace to remind us in each and every article about him—had the courage to "push the greater good of all ahead of his own or partisan interests." Okay, A) That clause reeks. B) Is Steve Westly George W. Bush? Because you just fell for a load of crap against all known evidence like you were Judith Miller faced with the aluminum tubes. And C) Huh?

Seriously, LA Weekly, Westly better not have won last Tuesday, or I will punch you in the box!
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Campaign folks, can I give you a little advice for the general? Robo-calls make the people mad! They are tired of the robo-calls! I'm trying to watch Big Love, here, and I haven't answered the phone to hear a human voice any time in the past two freaking weeks! I go see the Corpse Flower and come home to four robo-messages! I go see The Break-Up: three taped endorsements! I go hang out with the lesbian mafia at the Orange County Museum of Art dinner for Catherine Opie's pictures of lesbians, and do I come home to even one message from someone wanting to take me to Aire? No! My entire machine is filled up with John Chiang! He is a swell guy, but I am not voting for John Chiang! I am voting for Joe Dunn! Stop it before someone gets hurt! By me!

Oh, and for Best Column, Gustavo Arellano got a nomination too. That's cool, 'Stavo. You're a cool guy. Not at all sexy, but totally cool.

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