Diary of a Mad County

May 24 - May 30

Monday, May 29
Now, I don't want to come off like a douche, you know, more than usual, but I went to South Coast Plaza's Crystal Court today and did a little shopping in Crate & Barrel, Borders and Pottery Barn. As I did, it occurred to me that some of my favorite places to eat—Tummy Stuffer, Lil' Pickle—were closed in honor of Memorial Day. Now, I enjoyed walking around Crate & Barrel and imagining my life being that well-ordered, but it seems to me that the one day when people are going to give a business a pass on closing its doors, and I'm including Christmas in this, is Memorial Day. I mean, especially now. So why is it that the people who tended to be closed were local merchants who no doubt felt the sting more than the big boys would have? On the other hand, I saw some smashing chowder bowls.

Tuesday, May 30

May 24: Run!
May 24: Run!

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