Commie Girl

Making Pies: Its not lesbian innuendo, but it should be

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I was horrified Thursday, May 18, to show up to yet another party in a store, since that's what I like making fun of Riviera for, but this one had Nick Carter hosting, and any man who leaves bruises on Paris Hilton is at least sort of okay by me. So there's a store, and it's called Ted Baker, and someone who might have been Nick Carter was there (really, I'm too old to know a Backstreet Boy if he bit me on the ass), and some girls lurked who looked like the kinds of girls who would lurk to see Nick Carter, and there were even paparazzi and a goddamn red carpet, but more delightfully it turned out to be a benefit for the Laguna Art Museum, meaning there were Art Folk there, and I knew them and the guy who might have been Nick Carter didn't, and the girls who would lurk to see Nick Carter didn't, and oh my God, I've never been so happy to see LAM director Bolton Colburn in my benighted little life. Meanwhile, a beautiful brunette named Aerielle was wearing a crazy feathered headdress that she'd appropriated from a mannequin like she was a light-fingered Cher or one of the Village People, and I'm currently so confused by the world's cavalcades of men I was just about to marry her. Sadly, though, I don't have the balls.

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