Get Out!

Party's Over!

PLUS: T.I. snaps back at the HOB.

Mobb Deep put out Peer Pressure the same year as Masta Ace's Slaughtahouse and Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers, and it stood up pretty good: vicious lyrics (locked in jail, project halls, bitch-ass etcs) and production by Havoc to match, a record that made a neat chalk outline around a classic Mobb Deep sound. Which was: hard bass beats that put dents in car doors ("Party Over," "Locked in Spofford") and nothing else besides a few scribbled samples that could have been lifted from a Hitchcock movie. On follow-up The Infamous, Prodigy dropped his manic teenage delivery but kept all of the menace, stitching up a bleak LP about the stretch of street between the courthouse and the cemetery. Now they're back with name changes—Havoc is Hollywood and Prodigy is V.I.P.—and a record on G-Unit that reportedly got them matching Porsches and definitely got them a luxury car sound. Which is: kind of . . . far from classic. But what a long strange etc. it's been. Flavor for the non-believes at the Vault.

May 25: Shook ones. Photo by Sarah Friedman
May 25: Shook ones. Photo by Sarah Friedman

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