Department of Homeland Stupidity

Master of Disasters Mike Carona breached secret anti-terrorism plans

The list goes on: two weeks ago, the Weekly published a photo of the sheriff warmly embracing Rick Rizzolo, a mob associate and Las Vegas strip-club owner who is the target of a federal grand jury. The sheriff's advisers said Carona was clueless about Rizzolo's identity, though they met "two or three times."

Late last year, photos surfaced of a Russian woman wearing the sheriff's official uniform inside his Moscow hotel room. Another shot shows Carona affectionately cradling the same woman. The sheriff refuses media interviews about the pictures but had a lawyer claim the woman was merely his interpreter. At least three other women have made sex allegations against the sheriff, who is married with a teenage son. The attorney general's office is conducting an investigation into Carona's alleged sexual misdeeds. The sheriff wants voters to give him a third term on June 6.

Carona with wife and Cavallo
Carona with wife and Cavallo

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