Commie Girl

Cinco De Me! Of meat and mariachis, Vidal Sassoon, and (ladies and gentlemen) Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Tiki Tones played the kitchenette too, all Pork Salad Annie, now baby, and they were awesome, but they were all quite, quite white.

*   *   *

At the Vidal Sassoon store opening May 4 at South Coast Plaza, I had the most interesting conversation I'd had in days, and it was all about shampoo. (I also enjoy talking about pension funds and levees. I guess I just really like boring things.) In addition, the good citizens of Vidal Sassoon said they'd cut my hair for free, which is excellent because usually I get hit with a spot of ennui and decide a fun way to spend my evening would be getting high and playing beauty shop with a dull set of scissors and a blindfold. I'm kidding! About the blindfold.

Pretty rich people. Photo by Chris Haynes
Pretty rich people. Photo by Chris Haynes

So by all means, go and give VS some love for me with a purchase of $40 conditioner. It has really pretty packaging. Just like—judging by the look in the governor's eye—you know: me.

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