Diary of a Mad County

April 19 - April 25

Sunday, April 22
Not Pentecost, Will. Not even close.

Monday, April 23
George W. Bush
, riding a wave of popular approval approached in the past only by Tojo and venereal warts, comes to Irvine to talk about his great successes in Iraq and immigration. You figure Bush comes to Orange County because it's safe, and there aren't many safe places anymore for a president with a 32 percent approval rating—John Wilkes Booth had higher numbers; still does in certain areas of Alabama and all of South Carolina. Of course, with those kinds of numbers, "safe" is a relative term, and there is a relative mob outside the hotel where Bush is scheduled to talk to the Orange County Business Council. Protesters range from people who want us out of Iraq to people who want illegal immigrants out of the U.S. to people who want Bush to recognize the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks, the latter being a lot to ask of a guy who still has trouble recognizing when there's something lodged in his throat. On the plus side, regarding immigration, Bush says, "What is important is to set aside all the emotion and think about how to solve the problem in a rational, calm way." Unfortunately, he didn't say the same before we invaded Iraq or—wait for it—Iran.

Tuesday, April 24

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