Broadway Eddie Rose

Supervisor candidate on everything from the gropinator to O.J.

What big issues do you have with Democrats?

Well, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are pretty good on environmental issues. They've paid attention. But as much as I like them on that, I don't agree with them on border security. I'm totally opposed to amnesty for the illegals. This open border situation is unacceptable.

Most candidates show voters a list of endorsements. You have a list of non-endorsements.

Rose: Not supported by Karl Rove, O.J. or Greg Haidl. Photo by Jeanne Rice
Rose: Not supported by Karl Rove, O.J. or Greg Haidl. Photo by Jeanne Rice

Right. I want people to know that I am proud of the people who would never support my campaign.

You've listed real-estate developers like George Argyros and Donald Bren, but you also cite Janet Reno, Karl Rove, MEChA, Philip Morris Co., Scott Peterson, Dennis Rodman, O.J. Simpson, Greg Haidl, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson and Halliburton.

You didn't mention that Schwarzenegger, the gropinator, is listed there too.

Or Kobe Bryant. You once said about his rape case, "If the condom does not fit, you must acquit."

Did I say that? [Laughs.] I guess I did.

In 1995, your comments about the O.J. Simpson not-guilty verdict won you national headlines. You said defense lawyer Johnny Cochran won by "jive talking" to the mostly black jury.

Right. I stand by that. That was a stupid jury that ignored all the evidence against O.J. People made a big deal out of what I said, but the victim and the victim's family live right down the road in Dana Point. I wasn't trying to be a racist. I was talking about the injustice of what happened. He was guilty as hell. We've got two justice systems in this country. One for the rich and famous, and one for the rest of us.

Controversy is your constant companion.

There's a lot to yell about. I really believe the public wants more people in politics who will tell the truth and aren't afraid of stepping on a few toes.

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