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As to the second part: wow, you're a pussy. The only person I've ever been scared of is the woman who got this whole nasty ball rolling: California Coalition for Immigration Reform honcho Barbara Coe, who also proudly belongs to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group only slightly more on the QT about its white-power aims than Goebbels. If you like discussions on the inferiority and/or savageness of the black race, you'll love the CCC website,! Go ahead and take a look-see; I'll wait. See? Scary!

Last week, in the very heated final days of the campaign for the special election to replace new Congressman John Campbell in the 35th Senate District, Dana Point Councilwoman Diane Harkey's people sent out a mailer against her opponent Tom Harman that was so unmitigatedly bigoted that even the far-right peeps I spoke to admitted it "walked up to the line." That would be like a Green admitting that maybe Green meetings focus a little too long on making sure there's "consensus" for an agenda hours before they ever get to item one. Seriously, Green meetings are a nightmare.

But the mailer in question, which showed the march in LA from two weeks ago—the largest march in Los Angeles history, and one without a single citation—was so nasty I actually felt sick to my stomach, and I'm not a wilting lily. It showed the crowds of brown people—they keep coming!—under a huge caption stating the marchers had one thing to say to Harman: "Thank you." It was a reference to a vote Harman cast in the Assembly allowing illegal alien kids to get in-state tuition at public universities if they had grown up here, and it was identical to John Campbell's vote on the bill. Of course, that didn't stop the GOP from sending their boy Campbell to the House.

Anarchy in the OC. Photo by Jim Bieber
Anarchy in the OC. Photo by Jim Bieber

But Harman's different: his 16 percent environmental rating from the California League of Conservation Voters makes him a liberal, and they wouldn't be having none of that. The mailer also made hay of all the "illegal" kids who walked out of school in OC last week to protest—except that those kids were citizens, who were marching in concern for their families . . . and just maybe against the kind of assholes who assume any Latino kid they see is "illegal."

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Listen, should our border be better protected? Fuck, yeah! But the Republican Congress and White House still can't seem to have more than one state cop—part-time—patrolling a 100-mile section of the Oregon coast. They keep stripping Democratic proposals for things like inspections of ports and nuclear facilities right out of their budgets, while they manage to find $2.6 billion for subsidies to Exxon-Mobil even after back-to-back quarters where it hoarded its highest profits ever. Are people working for cheap undercutting our own blue-collar workers? (Whatever you do, don't blame outsourcing and India.) A livable minimum wage would solve that right quick. Are they overrunning our emergency rooms? Sure. No use pointing fingers at the excess profits of the HMOs and the constant closing of the hospitals we have left when there are Mexicans nearby to take the fall.

We have 100,000 millionaires in Orange County, and CEO compensation rose another 16 percent in 2005 while they've got us snarling for their scraps. You really think it's the new arrivals living eight to a room who are taking more than their fair share?

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