Sweet Sixteen

Your daughter turns 16 once, so youd better do it up right

We kick that around, and then she asks me a question. "You're not going to do one of your cynical twists in this story are you?" she wonders, and I instantly regret writing for a newspaper with a website. I say I'm shocked—shocked! I also say—and she agrees—that the Weekly believes that the world is not always a place of shiny, happy people laughing, and so we try to tell it the way it is. That's the way we leave it: we'll go to lunch another time. And, according to Weekly policy, after the story runs, our photographer will sell her some photos of Abbrarose Link's Sweet 16 party.

Abbrarose Link, 16. Photo by Amy Theilig
Abbrarose Link, 16. Photo by Amy Theilig

Freelancer Sarah Callender contributed to this story.

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