Angels Cancel Christmas

Baseball fever leaves season-ticket holders stranded

But all of it—the buying frenzy, the mini-plans—happened quickly and at the last minute. "Thursday late afternoon, end of the day," Alvarado said, which is why Marcel and his family and all those other paying customers had to show up at Anaheim Stadium on Friday to find out they were being shut out.

"We made a decision not to call [customers]," he said. "It was very difficult for people to put in that many messages and e-mails to explain without giving anyone the opportunity to ask why. We wanted to be up-front. There was no bait and switch here. We chose to allow everyone to come down that Friday."

Alvarado insisted that, unlike Marcel, most of the people who arrived at Friday's select-a-seat day had only put down deposits. Of the fans, like Marcel, who had paid in full, Alvarado said, his office followed up with them in two weeks.

Turned away at the gate. Photo courtesy Anaheim Angels
Turned away at the gate. Photo courtesy Anaheim Angels

"We took care of those people," he said.

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