Diary of a Mad County

March 15 - March 21

Monday, March 20
I turn on the TV tonight to settle back and watch some quality programming on PBS: Antiques Roadshow, a guilty pleasure, and American Experience, one of the half-dozen best things on TV, and I mean ever. I figure it's safe to turn on PBS again after a couple of weeks of pledge drive dreck that ranged from Wayne Dyer infomercials to that freaky Austrian violin-playing dude who looks like he grew up in Liberace's closet. Now, I'm not here to dis PBS. I love PBS; I just question their logic. When they're into one of their pledge drives, they invariably mention, correctly, that the kind of programming you get on PBS you can't find anywhere else: Nova, American Experience, Masterpiece Theater, Hot Tubbin' With Bill Moyers, The Lehrer News Hour. But then, almost to disprove their point, they trot out this crap that KDOC wouldn't run: QVC-looking crap where a guy teaches you how to play the piano or shows you how to make window cleaner out of toothpaste. It's like PBS suddenly morphs into the Learning Annex. Worst of all are those oldies concerts where the only thing more painful than listening to the Paleozoic doo-wop groups is watching the mostly white audience jerk about and party as if they were in the death throes of a sarin gas attack.

Tuesday, March 21
Tonight at 8 p.m. on KOCE? The Austrian dude. Please pass the gas.

Sunday: 4 million and counting
Sunday: 4 million and counting

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