'You Have All the Pie I Want to Eat'

High-ranking state cop nabbed by decoy 13-year-old in Internet pedophile sting

Prosecutors believe some pedophiles are under the mistaken impression that they are safe from arrest if they don’t enter a potential victim’s dwelling, as shown on Dateline. In the Laguna Beach sting, only one suspect refused to go to the decoy’s apartment: Deck. He admitted during the chat that he was “nervous” and insisted on meeting first in public.

Deck: We’ll have to find a place to get some pie.
Decoy: Yes. I’d like that.
Deck: We’ll find a restaurant. Shouldn’t be hard.
Decoy: Yeah.
Deck: Marie Callendars has good pie.
Decoy: I dunno.
Deck: If not pie, then some Rocky Road!
Decoy: Yeah!
Deck: We’re going to get fat if we date each other!
Decoy: lol
Deck: We’ll have to work it off.

At about 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 18, Deck drove from his Carlsbad home to a public park in Laguna Beach. (Prosecutors ask that we not identify the park.) He wore plainclothes and didn’t carry his CHP gun or badge. He got out of his car carrying a camera and a slice of Key Lime pie. He saw the decoy—in reality, a female county probation officer—and called out her fake name, “Bean.” She asked if he was Steve. He said yes. Six detectives quickly surrounded the off-duty cop and placed him under arrest for plotting a “lewd and lascivious act upon a child.”


Decoy: We don’t have to go no where.
Deck: Yes, your room would be fine!
Decoy: Kewl. U bring the pie.
Deck: Hehehe. I think you have all the pie I want to eat. LOL . . . I bet you’d really love it. I mean REALLY love it . . . I love doing it, making you feel so good. Mmmmm. Pure heaven for you . . . It’s going to get hot.

After his arrest, Deck may have regretted ever contemplating the delights of fresh pie. Instead, he complained of a sudden medical condition—an anxiety attack, perhaps—and asked to be taken to a hospital. Doctors found nothing wrong. But his superiors at the CHP did. They let him go. The 23-year cop is free on $100,000 bail and awaiting trial.

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