Dr. Jihad

The crusading life of Islam expert Robert Morey

•The FBI told him he was on a Hamas assassination list.

•He read all the Library of Congress books on Islam for a project on English-language books on the religion.

•Dr. Nasir, principal of Faith Theological Seminary in Pakistan, is "a Muslim sympathizer." He doesn't recognize Nasir's "power to do anything."

Illustration by Bob Aul
Illustration by Bob Aul

•When told LBU offers no program in Islamic studies, Morrey corrected himself and said his doctorate is in theology, with an emphasis on Islam. He's the first and only student to receive such a degree from the school.

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Morey insists Islam isn't his primary focus. "Only three of my 47 books have been on Islam," Morey says. "If 9/11 would've not happened, and the specter of terrorism hadn't arisen to threaten the public, I wouldn't have been called upon to lecture on the issue."

Morey wasn't always so belligerent toward Islam. "We must state at the outset that it is not our intent in this book to offend devout Muslims," Morey wrote in his 1992 book The Islamic Invasion. "We are not trying to hurt their feelings or embarrass them in any way. We know from personal experience that many Muslims are good, hardworking people who have overcome impossible odds to make a new home for themselves in the West."

But his tone changed with 2002's Winning the War Against Radical Islam, which featured a nuclear mushroom cloud on its cover. "Liberalism is absolutely impotent to fight Islam because it cannot condemn it as false or evil," Morey noted near the end.

The book ends with plugs for various Morey books—and Mohammed's Believe It or Else!


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