Diary of a Mad County

Feb. 22 - Feb. 28

Monday, Feb. 27
The architect of the LA Times, Otis Chandler, dies. Chandler took a Podunk paper of very low repute and made it into one of the nation's great papers. Chandler is being lionized and deservedly so, but it's also sad that the great institution as the nation's paper of record would end up retrenching to the point that it was happy to be a regional force. Still, good on ya, Otis.

Tuesday, Feb. 28
Completely sick to my stomach. Why is it when I'm in this state, the only thing that seems to take my mind off my stomach is watching television? And why is it when I'm watching television, all I see are ads for mutant burgers from Ruby Tuesday and Kirstie Alley snarfing up Soylent Green linguine?

Feb. 22: Hooray for Bollywood
Feb. 22: Hooray for Bollywood

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