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Something About Mexicans
Its time we had a conversation with Gustavo Arellano

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APublic Service Announcement for anyone who clicked over early to ABC before the sexy doctors of Grey's Anatomy came on to sex one another up and down Seattle General's linen closets last week: the whey-faced man who won Dancing With the Stars, if you couldn't figure out who he was (and you couldn't) because they only kept referring to him as "Drew" and God knows you had never seen him before, was DrewLachey, formerly of the pop band 98 Degrees and brother to Nick Lachey, estranged husband of Jessica Simpson. That's about as famous as I am. I've been in the OC Register.

A Public Service Announcement for John Q., owner of San Juan Capistrano's superlative Ramos House Cafť,where the waitresses wear overalls, five sticks of butter go into every gourmet appetizer, Fishbone plays on the sound system in the garden and a newly tax-refunded Commie Mom took me for my 33rd birthday: you are now my boyfriend, so don't try to fight it. We will live, love, eat some melted butter. Your wife can come too, if she wants.

And a Public Service Announcement for Tucker Carlson: twat.

God's sick joke
God's sick joke

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