Get Out!

Feb. 23 - March 2

Minneapolis knocked up as crazy a hip-hop scene as Oxnard; proof that it's not where you're from, it's whether you can get a copy of Mecca and the Soul Brother and an SP-1200. Rapper P.O.S. learned punk rock bass first and slipped into hip-hop later in life but (like a lot of people in Minneapolis, which since Slug and Lifter Puller must be like the most harmonious music scene going) still mixes back and forth (don't think crossover) by sampling Kill Sadie and having dudes like Craig Finn—described as an indie-rock Philip Seymour Hoffman—stop in to kick verses. LA isn't too far behind this (2MEX and Ikey Owens, Busdriver and Subtitle and the Unicorns) but still: a little envious of a city where rock and rap share a lot more than just space on the record shelves. Carole Sendaero, paging you to sing a hook. Some of the best Midwest hip-hop at Glass House.

Friday: Knowledge Rules Supreme over Quan's Rockin' Sushi
Friday: Knowledge Rules Supreme over Quan's Rockin' Sushi

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