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Once again, its Orange Countys Sexiest People!

Cassie DeYoung.The candidate for the OC Board of Supervisors needs to post a new website photo—and give Billie Jean King back her hairstyle. In person, she's much hotter than that. When we saw her speak against—again!—the tunnel at an OCTA board meeting, she was totally wearing the pants, bossing those preachy supervisors around. Secretly you know you want her to order you around too. You want her to wear that pants suit when . . . you know. Mitigating Factor:Calls her vagina "The Terrible Tunnel." No, not really. Won't stop talking about "The Terrible Tunnel" (the tunnel). Really.

Lisa Piho.This former Mr. J's topless dancer's bad driving killed a man and helped launch one of the sexiest scandals in recent Orange County history. After Piho ran over a Huntington Beach man in July 2001, police found drugs in her car and Piho faced years in prison. To win her a lighter sentence, her boyfriend, an ex-Tustin police explorer named Sammy Johar whose family owned the recently-closed Santa Ana strip club where she worked, brought her to his friends in the Buena Park police department, and got her a job as a police informant. With Johar's help, Piho set up drug dealers like her ex-boyfriend, Jason Trumbauer, who was arrested by Johar's friend, Buena Park police detective Jason Parsons. Thanks to Joe Stickles, a Tustin police lieutenant who told Piho's judge she was a valuable informant, she spent only a year in jail. At her sentencing hearing, the widow of the man she ran over says she witnessed Stickles rubbing her leg, all of which suggests Piho was one sexy gal. Mitigating Factor:Everybody who slept with Piho ended up regretting it: Trumbauer's in federal prison for drug dealing, Sammy Johar—whom Piho also ultimately informed against—is a fugitive wanted on drug charges, and Parsons lost his job for sleeping with Piho in Vegas around the same time she helped him arrest Trumbauer.

Pignolet and Birk
Pignolet and Birk

Shea Gauer and Se' Reed.The co-founders of Long Beach culture center Open appeal more to the ascendent head than the descendent one, but there's still some serious charisma in the air. Power is sexy and they've got power, retooling a limp East Village night scene ("Burn that tchotchke-fest down!" young artists have been heard to snarl) into a legit-on-the-way-to-inspiring real-live creative showcase. Smarts is sexy and they've got smarts, impeccably hand-selecting the contents of the best used-books-and-more-store for maximum overlap between intellectual-cool and actual-cool, stocking lurid '60s pulps alongside lurid '60s social theory and lurid '60s fiction (plus lots of used mags, books from eras that weren't the '60s, and several things that aren't lurid), and that means hip and hip is sexy, too—it's like your mysterious older bro/sis put a half-price tag on everything they'd hidden in their closets and gave you a few hours to get yourself together. Between the two of them, they got a sort of revolutionary everything-is-possible vibe, or maybe that's just Shea's young-Trotsky mustache. Either way, you'll always respect yourself in the morning. Mitigating Factor:They're both taken—you slept, you wept!

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