Diary of a Mad County

Feb. 1 - Feb. 7

Tuesday, Feb. 7
(This actually happened yesterday, but Monday's item being several acres in length, I'm just going to put it here.)

Several people ask me if I heard Chapman law professor John Eastman on Larry Mantle's Air Talk show on KPCC. They tell me that Eastman was on the show defending the Bush administration's right to wiretap private citizens without prior approval. What's more, he went on to accuse The New York Times of treason for spilling the beans on the wiretapping of private citizens even though The New York Times hasn't broken any laws, you know, like wiretapping private citizens. This seems crazy, even for someone associated with Chapman, so I look up a little info on Mr. Eastman and find that he has no agenda when it comes to issues. And when I say "no agenda," I mean that he has been a guest on the Michael Reagan show and said in the Washington Times that even if Congress specifically prohibited wiretapping, it is not only within the president's constitutional authority to do so but it is also "his constitutional responsibility." While you're trying to figure out if Eastman really means this or is just jockeying to be a part of Augusto Pinochet's defense team, here's all you need to know about John Eastman: according to his bio, he was a law clerk for—wait for it—Clarence Thomas. Who saw that coming? Show of hands! Thought so. Being a law clerk for Clarence Thomas is sort of like being a joke writer for Carrot Top—it'd be really lame if it weren't so pointless.

Wednesday: Please, Steve, don't kick us out of ouróI mean, your home. . . .

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