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Those Aren't Words ... Nightlife and More: Jan. 26 - Feb. 2

PLUS: Opposo-Morningwood by the Numbers: Devo reducted through the Urinals one-note bug-beat and pounded through a pinhole. In a scary way: the flat pastel charisma of Stereolab or Young Marble Giants and the loud-fetish of Blue Cheer, digitized for maximum portability. Definitely a band that demands a little homework, but kids who do math problems with Rough Trade and Fast Product on the turntable already got the answers anyway. At the Glass House.

AND: Lemmy-come-lately Eddie Spaghetti leaves the Supersuckers to suck alone and tours his second solo record Old No. 2. The 'Suckers draw big in OC, but will the suckers support Eddie unbound at the Blue Cafť?

No, no, let's move on.

Saturday: Gang bangin'
Saturday: Gang bangin'

And some days since Ken the All-Night Rocker rocked into that long night: famous Flipside fixture and local character Ken Ramsey passes officially as a lifer, one of those rare punk-rock types who rides it to the very end. A touching Myspace page says goodbye to a Californian who lived killed-by-death till he died.

One week since Wilson Pickett: "Baby," he once told a writer, "I am a mean motherfucker. Don't you be writing nothin' nice 'cause you'd be jivin' people. I AM THE WICKED. Dig? I AM NAMED THE WICKED. I GOT TO BE THE WICKED." Gerri Hirshey writes some static think-pieces on species of lawns and aluminum siding for Parade mag now, but her book Nowhere to Run put her little British girl at dinner and drinks with every living soul man at the time, and she and Wicked Pickett shared some Chinese chow and wisdom that seems both happy and sad now that he's gone: "You know why a shark is such a tough, mean motherfucker? He don't sleep. Never. Not at all. Somethin' about the way the gills are built. Anyway, he got to keep that water movin' through him, he don't ever stop swimmin', movin' around the ocean, he stop movin'—bang. He's dead." So here's some rest and peace—feels a little weird at first, right?

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