Diary of a Mad County

Jan. 18 - Jan. 24

Monday, Jan. 23
Remember all that talk about Kobe Bryant being a bad guy? Apparently not so much anymore.

Tuesday, Jan. 24
Irvine's Great Park Corp. announces the selection of landscape architect Ken Smith to design the Great Park. Smith is from New York, and his work is described as "cutting-edge" and "avant-garde" by people who speak "in-clichťs." Smith calls this the "project of a lifetime," which may be him talking about the honor or talking about the fact that none of us will ever live to see the thing completed. Staying true to his roots, Smith, who has designed smaller parks in New York, promises the park will be constructed with plenty of hidden nooks for wilding.

Jan. 22: No jumping in the pool, boys!
Jan. 22: No jumping in the pool, boys!

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