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Whether posing as protesters or cutting off speeches, OC police clamp down on immigrant-rights activists

Tezcalipoca declined comment, citing his pending court date. Mansoor returned a call but refused to say whether he agreed with the actions of the Costa Mesa Police Department. Mansoor did say he couldn't remember "off the top of my head" if he knew any other speaker being accosted by cops during a council meeting.

But Jan. 3 wasn't the first time Mansoor stopped Tezcalipoca from speaking. On Dec. 7, when the Costa Mesa City Council approved the police-immigrant ordinance, Mansoor ended the public comments section after Tezcalipoca called him a "fucking racist pig." Tezcalipoca was about halfway through his three minutes.

Tezcalipoca isn't alone in thinking Mansoor, whose day job is deputy sheriff for the county, is a bigot. In 2002, the Orange County Human Relations Commission criticized Mansoor for posting anti-gay articles on a Costa Mesa Internet chat room whose main contributor was Martin Millard, a columnist whose favorite conspiracy theories include Mexico's takeover of the American Southwest and the dangers of intermarriage, which he has said will lead to a universal genotype, "The Tan Man." (See Nick Schou's "Mr. Clean," Oct. 10, 2002.)

Bob Aul illustration
Bob Aul illustration

"I think the people in power are feeling a bit threatened by the movement that's emerging in Orange County," says Roberts. "And police officers are abiding by what they're told—basically, to crack down."


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