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Hard Gay
Nightlife and more: Jan. 12 - Jan. 19

I cannot buy the Like: the Grown-Ups did this 10 years ago (when I was a baby and so were they!) and they only sounded like the Go-Go's for larfs on the way to some viciously affecting X, and they certainly never went for the cheap distortion-pedal chorus and their parents weren't the rich famouses. you may have heard about—if Mama was a TV set and Daddy was a music producer, this band here is the sum total. Easy to like; your folks raised you right; never heard a note gone wrong. If you want Malibu juve rock, go with Simon Dawes (40-year-old drummer, huge Zep/Bowie/Kinks/Who rip), and if you want some real-life LA crap that talks back, well, you missed it and you don't really have an excuse either. Deeeeetroit.

Saturday: Bleeding Through
Saturday: Bleeding Through

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