"To Answer Your Question About What to Do With the Dog Shit: EAT IT!"

Many thanks to the Weekly's Alex Brant-Zawadzki for his series on the county's toll-road deal in South County. I especially liked the installment in which Alex (can I call him that? The Brant-Whatever is hard to spell) points out the agency's record of missing every single goal, target, objective and deadline in the course of trying to expand the 241 through a fucking state park ["The Year in the 241 Toll Road," Dec. 30]. Failure is practically this agency's middle name, of course, as your other reporter, R. Scott Moxley, has consistently pointed out. I remember back when no one was writing about El Toro. The Weekly picked up the story and drilled county bureaucrats a new asshole. Alex appears to be headed in the same direction. Here's hoping he keeps the toll-road bureaucrats busy doing nothing!

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