Welcome to Stanton!

You cant afford it here either

No! I won't! That pee-smelling one-bedroom just took all my take-home pay! And since my son would be in the bedroom—a young man needs his privacy—I'd be even less comfortable since I'd be sleeping on the couch!

So what could I get then, Fenske? What should I do?

"You might get something—a one-bedroom—in Stanton, but I don't know if you'd want to go jogging in the evening," he said.

Illustration by Jimmy Schoenkopf
Illustration by Jimmy Schoenkopf

Don't he know sexy Stanton's in the $400s now?

"I'm not doing anything in OC unless a client sold a house and is moving up," Fenske continued. "I just did a loan, though, for a client in Fontana, for $385."

And so Fontana's out now too.

But it's as easy to love a rich man as a poor one.

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