Diary of a Mad County

I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas, and now you're gonna pay!

Monday, Jan. 2
It's raining, sideways, and everyone is just in a dither as to what this means for the Rose Parade. How will this affect saxophone players and snapdragons and what about poor Stephanie Edwards, who was pushed out of the KTLA booth and had to cover the parade from the route, thereby kinda getting wet? There seems to be a lot less discussion about the people working in the fields in front of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station in yellow rain slickers. Social Distortion also goes to work tonight, starting a sold-out 29-date gig at the House of Blues in Anaheim. I love Social D., so it's cool to say that all their songs pretty much sound alike, right? I mean, "I Was Wrong" and "Bad Luck": same song. You buy the premise, you buy the band. I mean, that's cool, I mean, I like them. Really. I'm listening to "Prison Bound" right now . . . or is that "Ball and Chain"?

Tuesday, Jan. 3
The LA Times runs a 600-word story about the trials of Stephanie Edwards having to cover the Rose Parade outside.

Jan. 1: Bigger than Jesus
Jan. 1: Bigger than Jesus

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