Mr. Rooney Goes to UCI

Bring me the head of the head head doctor!

Rooney also wondered why the Air Force needs 30 different kinds of airplanes, and why the Pentagon ordered 21 Stealth bombers at $1 billion, $1 million apiece. Or why we need 50 nuclear submarines at $1.6 billion each or 8,000 Abrams tanks, which cost $3 million per vehicle but could not be used in sandy Baghdad.

Forget about redirecting these funds to social programs like education—which, in all honesty, is something that radical Rooney threw out there—but he also said the military could use that money for other things, like training desperately needed Arabic translators.

"The most effective weapon we have in war is still that poor dogface crawling forward on his stomach with a rifle in his hand," Rooney concluded. "The Pentagon might consider spending more money on our soldiers and on better intelligence, and less on billion-dollar weapons that are as out-of-date as the bow and arrow."


You go, girl!

As for you, Dr. Strangehead: How does criticizing excessive military spending make one a "typical left-wing newsmonger"? Perhaps if we were a fancy pantsy UCI medical department chairman—sucking BIG TIME off the teat of state taxpayers, incidentally—we could afford not to care about the government blowing billions every time that 60 Minutes second-hand ticks.

But that's not really it, is it, Crummy? Sure, because if Rooney or whoever else took a hard-line stance against wasteful spending for Medicare, food stamps and other aid for families—you know: blatant socialism—you'd consider that "fair and balanced" reporting, and certainly unworthy of another letter from the UCI Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery chairman to Morley Safer.

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