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My Little Boy's First Gang!
The year I temporarily gave up trying to love Orange County

I never thought I'd be happier to see a year end than when I was almost rid of '01. But 2005's not looking much better. I don't even care that people are finally starting to talk about "impeachable offenses." Really, name one that wasn't.

I hope Jim Washburn's column at the front of the book was full of his outrage and optimism because you sure ain't getting it from me. Next week, I'm going to San Francisco to see my brother's new baby, and I'll hate it just as much there, but for totally different reasons. And after that, I'll be back here, drinking and fighting, with my girl gang all around me. Give us a call: we'll jump you in if you want.

Scrooges: No entitlements for you!
Scrooges: No entitlements for you!

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