Get Out!

Kill them all

Early Man
got to Black Sabbath late, but wow: How worshipful of the dark lord could we be? "Death Is the Answer" is a precisely machined redux of any of the heavy ones from Paranoid, right down to the light delay on the vocals when he sings anything like SAY-TUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. There is nothing new in this band, but there is every single old thing they need, every last note exhumed without even an atom mutilated, misinterpreted or lost. The Motörhead cops they do demand a hammer to their hands—actually, this sounds like Metallica, who have poisoned their own legacy all the way back to their mamas' suffering uteri—but oh, the slow and heavy ones. Fast shit is for jocks. With the Rolling Blackouts—history will vindicate them one day as the best there was. At Detroit for Vice Nite #2.

PLUS: Pennywise and the Suicide Machines, the Lawrence Welk lineup for ?2022 at the HOB; Xiu Xiu goes weirding at GlassHouse.

I am out of space. Sorry, Glen Matlock at Fitzgerald's. Sorry, Kelly Clarkson at the Bren. Sorry, last Starvations show at Galaxy. Sorry, OC Weekly. Sorry for everything.

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