How I Spent My thanksgiving Vacation

One word: gin

Not only that, but I was in LA this weekend for Suparna the Rocket Scientist's 30th birthday—girl is woman now, and I brought the gin—and they have a movie theater with drinks. If Orange County doesn't get a movie theater with drinks now, I'm fucking leaving, I swear to God! And while ArcLight gouges you on the tickets ($14 per), the bar is actually quite nice; I bought a round of four or five drinks for $27, and at least one of those was Absolut.

By the way, Johnny Cash? Not really a very good husband, and I didn't really get what June Carter saw in him, all sweaty and drug-addicted and a lying sack of shit. Still: Walk the Line? Pretty good flick, but it could set the women's movement back fierce. Everybody makes fun of you when you try to fix the bad boys, and then in sweep Reese Witherspoon and her Mother Maybelle's shotgun and turn the world's worst man into a loving husband of decades and beloved national patriarch? Fuck that noise! Y'all!


I said fuck that!

Christmas is coming.

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