Wiley Coyote

The Rev. Wiley Drake has a history of helping illegals, as long as they dont criticize Bush

After getting the "runaround" from the FBI, Drake says, he called the headquarters of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. There, the person who answered the phone told him he had done "the right thing." The next day, however, the official called back and told Drake to call the FBI in Los Angeles. This time—presumably with prodding from Homeland Security—the FBI urged Drake to keep his eye on the Iranian.

"Suddenly he became very un-American," Drake said. "He said everybody in the Middle East hates Bush and what he's doing in the Mideast is terrible." The man also began to argue with other homeless people at the shelter about the Iraq war. So Drake says he paid a personal visit to Homeland Security during a trip to D.C. They told him the man was not a member of Al Qaeda, but that they were going to continue to monitor his actions.

Despite the FBI's request that Drake closely monitor the man, the pastor kicked him out for refusing to stop talking about politics. Neither the FBI nor Homeland Security has bothered to deport him or take him in for questioning about his political views. But the man has learned to keep his mouth shut.

"Periodically, he shows up at the shelter," Drake said. "And now he's well-behaved."

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