Che Kolasinski

84-year-old Marie Kolasinski could be California's angriest revolutionary

Kolasinski: Fuck you. Get out of here. [Swings at Horton.] Get your goddamn ass out of here, hear me? We have done nothing to disobey you. Goddamn it. . . . You guys are all fucking crazy. We don't need terrorism when we got a government like this. . . . I've had more terrorists from the American government than anyplace else. I'll take a gangster any day . . . What is wrong with you guys? Fuck you, fuck all of you assholes. Fuck off, you son of a bitch!

Horton: We just want to make a health inspection.

A second Piecemaker: This is our property, asshole.

A third Piecemaker: Terrorist! You have no right! Jesus! We're the people here. Give us a fucking break. Jesus Christ! This is what you stand for? This is what you work for? To terrorize a small business? You're just gonna say, "Doing my job" just like Hitler's henchmen?

Kolasinski: This is just like what Hitler did. I'm sick of it -- goddamn sick of it. Boy, I have never seen anything like this. This is disgusting.

A fourth Piecemaker: Assholes! Fucking assholes!

Horton: We have a court order.

Kolasinski: I'd rather die than let you guys in! Bullshit! You are not going to inspect.

Another Piecemaker: This has nothing to do with health. This is not right. This is not America! . . . You are Hitler. You are fucking Hitler! Goddamn son of a bitch!

Horton: Relax, relax.

Another Piecemaker: Asshole! Fuck! Fucking assholes!

Another Piecemaker: You have sold your soul!

Another Piecemaker, screaming: You are all fucked up! All of you! So fucked up! Why do we have to go to jail? What is wrong with you?

Another Piecemaker: You guys have no conscience. Goddamn! Assholes! What the fuck! Get out! . . . This is Nazi Germany! See what you're doing to God's people?

The climactic scene occurs off-camera: while Horton occupies the women, an investigator entering the business from another door attempts to put a thermometer in a soup pot. Kolasinski's voice crescendos; the camera turns and we see police hauling her into the parking lot. Her comrades explode. They surround the officers, grabbing and yelling at the officers.

Though unusually patient, police eventually arrested Kolasinski, five other women and a man.

Later this month, Kolasinski will be arraigned in Harbor Court in Newport Beach on charges she attacked officers and ran an unsanitary kitchen; she may get off with as little as a misdemeanor, but it's easy to guess how the courts would handle blacks, Mexicans, Asians, teenagers, drunks, liberals and gay people who follow her lead.


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