I Was a Liberal

Dennis Miller stays right. But hes charming!

Do you regret that vote with theimplosion of ethics in the White House?

No. I stay low to the ground. I'm just enamored with the troops.

I am too, I go see 'em in this bar in San Juan Capistrano. But all my Marines have left me now. I'm Afghanistan! None of 'em call anymore . . .

You're always the wildest girl in the room at a Taliban party. Listen, I'm for gay marriage, I'm very public about it. I don't like abortion a lot of the time, but I am absolutely pro-choice. I'm really a civil libertarian. But [the Middle East] is going to play out over the next 50, 100 years. I'm convinced of it.

Who does the best impression of you?

Still Carvey. He doesn't even use words anymore, just "blackblackblack." Calls it Morse Miller.

What do you talk about in your upcoming HBO special?

The gamut, as they say. I crack back on Bush in a few places—I'm with him on the war, but gay marriage, the Schiavo case . . .

That was a freak show, huh?

What I took away from Terri Schiavo is I no longer mumble around my wife.

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