'Tittie Twister'!

How the Los Angeles archdiocese stretched, twisted and contorted to hide bad, bad priests in Orange County and how we learned to love it

"Enrollment in Santa Ana has been dropping because of the increasing cost of tuition," diocesan spokesman Joe Fenton told The Orange County Register on Jan. 19, about the time the church was finalizing its deal with sex-crimes victims. "Consolidating the schools will allow us to eliminate administrative positions, hold the line on tuition and provide more scholarships to needy students."

Fenton, who clearly needs some work in remedial logic and math, did not examine the possibility that the church could have spent on scholarships the millions it spent for sex crimes.

No one at the Orange diocese returned our calls. But earlier this year, a Brown confidant provided the Weekly with a list of parochial schools he -- or maybe it was she -- claimed the diocese would close in order to pay off the sex-crimes victims. St. Mary and Our Lady of the Pillar were on that list. "[Brown] and his spinmeisters will give some kind of public explanation that sounds plausible," said the source, who requested anonymity. "But the bottom line is that schools that serve the Latino community are expendable."


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