Best Salvage Tony's Architectural Salvage. You could find old hardware elsewhere in Old Towne, but at Tony's, it's all in one 18,000-square-foot place: 3,000 doors in stock, old glass, iron fences—who sells fences? Tony's—fireplace mantels, and more lighting fixtures than you could afford to spark up. 123 N. Olive St., Orange, (714) 538-1900;

Best School Board Member Petruccelli S. "Steve" Rocco, who ran a successful campaign last year without ever showing his face; who might have—might not have, turned out—been Andy Kaufman; whose 1992 autobiography, ROCCO: Behind the Orange Curtain—Secret Chronicles and Public Record Accounts of Corruption, Murder and Scandal of Corporate and Political California laid bare the Albertsons-Kodak Film cabal responsible for his 1980 conviction for shoplifting several rolls of film and a sausage from a Santa Ana supermarket. Also? The man has a thick collection of rare Beatles albums and early Johnny Cash vinyl.

Best Scooter Shop The Scooter Shop. Given that the Mod revival was—what?—'78 or so, the Mods are really, really old now. So are we. And so are Vespa P200s, which were the hot ride in high school. You can still get 'em here—newer and older ones—plus the occasional Allstate, VBB or maybe—maybe—a Super Sport, all gussied up. We remember when our friends had 'em in pieces in their moms' garages. 1043 W. Collins Ave., Orange, (714) 289-8394.

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