Keep the Kids Indoors

Nightlife and more
OCT. 13-20

TAKE THIS PERSONALITY QUIZ: IF . . . You went to either Turbonegro or the Misfits and knew you were in for something good when you saw those big Marshall stacks. THEN YOU ARE: Not relating to the Espers and Judee Sill records that come out today: push a daisy through a speaker cone; stop violence in music.

Up-and-beloved Balto band Celebration is big sisters to This Blush: ex-Love Life chanteuse Katrina plus organ/keys by Sean and drums by Dave for deep and creepy harpsichord opera & roll. TV on the Radio salute/production plus 4AD fan base will make these kids all over really soon. If you buy colored vinyl but keep your hair black, this is basic foodstuffs to you. At Glass House.

Happy baby to Detroit Bar, which once cussed us out to our face (we was all so young then, and that honor has now passed to the Avalon Hole) but which has become probably the most ambitious and consistently credible whatever-level club in the county. Let us never forget that fantastic night when Modest Mouse caught on fire. Get lit with Barstow Boyz tonight, and remember four years since day one.

See Calendar listings for club locations. Also: be smart; call ahead.

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