A Clockwork Orange

Couldn 't have happened to a more-deserving chap.

Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva, who has a reputation for startling stupidity, will be there to usher in the brave new technological world at the Hall of Administration in Santa Ana at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, when the county hosts its first ever Podcast.

Silva, who is encouraging residents and especially economic and government students to attend, will seize on the occasion to broadcast, er, podcast "the misconceptions of governing Orange County, the importance of getting value for your money, and how saving money relates to public policy in Orange County."

Huh? What? Is he done talking yet? Drifted off there for a second.

"I really want to set the record straight about a few things," he continues in his press podrelease podpimping his podcast event, "and because the county now has the capacity to utilize newer technologies like Podcasting, streaming audio and video, the opportunity to serve more people is greatly increased."

Now, Clockwork did not realize that there were "misconceptions" floating around out there about governing Orange County, or that anyone misunderstood "the importance of getting value for your money" -- most especially with regards to the first municipality to file for bankruptcy just a tad over a decade ago, a disgrace that brought about huge budget cuts, massive layoffs and a nasty day of reckoning once all those loans and bonds that were taken out to balance the books comes in soon.

What? Are there noodniks running about suggesting that the county blow wads of taxpayer cash on more giveaways to rich developers, upward spiraling benefits packages for top-level county executives and more 24-carat golden parachutes for the bigwigs who retire/are fired/are indicted early?


Oh, well, at least it's not like two lowly computer technicians in Orange County treasurer-tax collector John Moorlach's office have authority to wire billions of dollars in county taxpayer money anywhere in the world. Yeah, that'd be awesomely awesomely STUPID oversight of taxpayer dollars and public policy and . . . and . . . erm ... check that. That IS happening in Orange County.

Don't worry, Jim; those same computer geeks are probably the ones making sure you'll come out looking halfway intelligent in your fancy schmancy Podcast.

We get these little emailed invites from the Irvine-based Ayn Rand Institute, and they really do make for amusing reading when they bray on and on like that overweight tart who can't find her goddamn cigarettes at the corner of the Pierce Street Annex bar. Any resource extraction that does not involve environmental degradation, any tax-subsidized program for the needy or any foreign intrusion that does not involve blowing up babies and seizing that faraway land's vast booty as our own is considered evil incarnate by the randy Randians. So it is difficult, very difficult indeed, to admit we're whole heartedly behind the latest pest up their collective bum: the intelligent-design crowd. The institute has held symposiums blasting un-evolutioners locally, and now they're taking their act on the road, presenting Creationism in Camouflage: the 'Intelligent Design' Deception at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, in USC's SGM-123 (Seely G. Mudd) at 3620 McClintock, Los Angeles. Physicist and Ayn Rand Institute fellow Dr. Keith Lockitch will examine the similarities and differences between the intelligent-design movement and your garden variety nutball creationists, and show how the movement seeks to make itself more palatable to intellectuals and the general public by hiding its religious essence -- just like Harriet Miers! The Randervolksen are stepping into this thankless battle, which surely must piss off some adherents to their rock-solid conservative economic and world views, "because today's academics -- including the most passionate and vocal defenders of evolution -- are incapable of answering its most fundamental arguments, the doors of our colleges and schools are ominously open to primitive mysticism masquerading as science."

As ol' Dan Rather used to spit it out: "Courage."

It probably seems like decades ago to Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, who is now up to the brim of his fancy sheriff's hat in official skulduggery, but remember way back to Sept. 19, 2002, when he appeared on Larry King Live and was hailed as America's Sheriff for quickly capturing the killer of little Samantha Runnion? Carona can't be such a monster that he'd like to replay that sad tragedy, but he could sure use a boost of "You're America's Sheriff" talk right about now.
Erin Runnion meets and greets ...
Meanwhile, the woman sitting next to him when he appeared with King, Samantha's mother Erin Runnion has been too busy criss-crossing the country to get caught up in Carona's travails. Having founded the Joyful Child Foundation, whose mission is "to unite and uplift our nation's communities in the protection and wonderment of all children," Runnion has been out pushing the foundation's first initiative, Samantha's PRIDE, which addresses the specific needs of different communities' child-watch programs. Erin's latest trip took her to Michigan, as shown in these photos. Her foundation operates on an endowment funded through contributions, which are gladly accepted at:
...and speaks!
The Joyful Child Foundation - In Memory of Samantha Runnion
P.O. Box 12680
Westminster, CA 92685

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