Whos a Black Sheep?

Nightlife and more
Sept. 22 - Sept. 29

Weekly strongman Jim Washburn lassos Louisiana music into a special Katrina-benefit DJ set at the Gypsy Den Santa Ana, who are reportedly cooking up a special bayou-style menu to especially stick to the music. Early scouting at Washburn's awesome house uncovered a short thick stack of impressively eligible 45s ("African Twist"!) and an unrelated Stooges DVD from the 1970s where a baseball-stadium announcer play-by-plays Iggy's PCP trip: "Now he's got . . . yes . . . now he's got the peanut butter!" Stooges DVD will be made available for public viewing next time a (non-economic) hurricane hits Detroit.

Stones Throw master-blaster Peanut Butter Wolf descends into South Coast Plaza with a bomb shelter full of the rarest/heaviest/deepest/spaciest/etc.-est songs ever locked to vinyl—besides one of the best hip-hop 45 collections in the world, P.B. Wolf can probably put his fingers on any extant record you'd care to name, plus several more you'd have to use a time machine and a private investigator just to find out about. How much funk can the new Quiksilver store at South Coast Plaza take?

ALSO: Latin fusion means mutant electro-tropicalia from Yerba Buena, who sing sexy songs about burritos at the Galaxy. Ask a Mexican if you can get a +1.

Master P family scion Lil Romeo—star of stage, screen and No Limit Records!—escapes New Orleans to appear at the Galaxy; maybe call and make sure circumstances have not provoked cancellation.

See Calendar listings for club locations. Also: be smart; call ahead.

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