a Clockwork Orange

But that ain't nothing compared to this from The American Prospect, which reports: "Schmitz was appointed to his post by President Bush in 2001 after the Associated Press reported the office 'was caught cheating' and destroying internal documents. His office has broad jurisdiction to investigate all Pentagon contracts, both in Iraq and elsewhere. But judging by Schmitz's qualifications, the White House had one thing in mind when it appointed him: political loyalty.

"According to National Journal, Schmitz is the son of former California Rep. John G. Schmitz, who was a John Birch Society director. As a member of the archconservative Washington Legal Foundation, Joseph Schmitz made a name for himself as "a conservative activist" and as a lawyer for House Speaker Newt Gingrich in a court case attempting to outlaw forms of taxation. In 1992, he authored a letter to The Washington Times insinuating that the Democratic presidential nominee had connections to Russian intelligence, writing, "The KGB apparently knows more about the shady side of Bill Clinton than the American people ever will.

"His short tenure at the Pentagon has been marked not only by defending Halliburton, but also by defending the administration he is supposed to be overseeing. For instance, in 2002, Schmitz refused congressional entreaties to declassify a report detailing how the administration was providing inadequate training and protective gear to troops in the event of a bio-chemical attack.

"And Schmitz's corporate background has also raised questions about his objectivity. According to the January 5, 1996, Aviation Daily newsletter, Schmitz "had a number of airline clients in his private practice" -- and as IG has subsequently refused bipartisan efforts to intervene and terminate a controversial, multi-billion–dollar Pentagon contract with Boeing. The contract would send more than $23 billion in taxpayer funds to the company, yet in return would only be allowed to lease jets, not own them. In fact, even though Schmitz himself admitted the administration "used inappropriate procurement strategies and did not use best business practices ... to provide sufficient accountability" for the contract, he claimed there was "no compelling reason" to halt the deal."

Schmitz role as a Young Leader Alumnus of the American Council on Germany and a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has caught the attention of the Art Belleque Dave Emory, who basically draws the simple line connecting Martin Bormann, "the Underground Reich," 9/11, Prescott Bush Sr., and -- drum roll, please -- Joseph E. Schmitz!!!

God, that was easy.

"Joseph E. Schmitz is in a vitally important position in the Pentagon and is in a very sensitive position with regard to a number of the investigations relating to 9/11. His brother -- John P. Schmitz -- is a partner with a powerful German-based international law firm that is also involved with a number of 9/11-related investigations. This is very important, because it places the formidable Schmitz brothers in position to have a profound effect on the investigation of 9/11. As was the case with his father and as is the case with his brother John, Joseph E. Schmitz's world is characterized by a preoccupation with "things German." The possibility that this obsession with "Germania" may herald an association between the ultra right-wing Schmitz family and the Underground Reich is one to be seriously considered.

As backup info, Emory points to Schmitz's membership in U.S. English -- an "English-only" organization with white- supremacist leanings -- the elder Schmitz's "German preoccupation"; the elder Schmitz's affinity for a college founded by Warren Carroll -- whose name crops up in connection with the assassination of JFK; Joseph Schmitz's fascination with General von Steuben -- the Prussian officer who was the first Inspector General of the Pentagon; discussion of the Steuben Society -- a Nazi Fifth Column organization in the United States during the World War II period; the German national security links to the World Security Network (with which Joseph E. Schmitz is affiliated) ...

It goes on ... and on ... and on. And that's just scratching the surface, baby!

As chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, former Newport Beach congressman Christopher Cox was in a perfect position to make life easier for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who is now the focus of an SEC investigation into his sales of stock in hospital company HCA Inc. shortly before its value plummeted. But Cox did the honorable thing on Sept. 26 and recused himself, noting that his years in leadership positions in the House of Representatives could create the impression of a conflict when it came to probing a fellow Republican and leader in the Senate.

Of course, what Cox didn't mention while bowing out was the $1,000 his campaign gave to Frist's 2000 re-election campaign.

"Families plan. Businesses plan. But the state of California doesn't plan. For the same people who believe it's a waste of money to hold special elections, I say it's a waste of democracy to not hold one."
--your Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, speaking to a bunch of his supporters at an Orange County Forum event on Sept. 26, as reported on the Orange County Business Journal website.

You know, he's right. If only Arnold were in some kind of position, a leadership position, that would require making plans on behalf of the whole state. That's be so cool!

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