Secondly, Clockwork's had our searing compunction assuaged before, and that ain't no picnic. The ointment to treat a searing compunction alone will break you.

5) We are pulling for you.
Yeah, just don't pull on my searing compunction, or I'll call a cop! (Which brings to mind a plug: see Moxley's latest story on Sheriff Carona getting his searing compunction pulled.)

6) I hope you reflect on the implications of Ted Lieu's easy victory in the 53rd AD and on the low voter turnout amongst republican voters in that district, and consider doing a story in theOC Weekly that casts our campaign in a more fact based light.
Fact-based? You've read our paper before, right?

Posted Sept. 16, 5 p.m.

At the end of a looooooooong speech draft 67th state Assembly District Democratic candidate Richard Lara emailed us, he includes the following jab at his own party, which is quite fitting to anyone who has observed local politics over the years:

Howard Dean has advocated a 50 state strategy, and I believe it is a sound strategy. However, this strategy only works if we all stand up and fight, and I want you to fight with me to take the 67th Assembly District. Some Democrats are saying that in this upcoming election cycle we should resign ourselves to hanging on to what little ground we have in Southern California. They see the Republicans attacking Loretta Sanchez in the 47th Congressional district, and they say that we should fight there and forget about the �safe Republican districts� in which we live. They see the Republicans trying to take the 34th State Senate seat, and they say we should fight there and give up on our own districts. Well with that kind of thinking guiding our actions it is no wonder that Republicans are attacking us in our safe districts. If we are going to do nothing in their safe districts, we might as well roll out the red carpet and invite them to attack ours. Democrats who are preaching a defensive strategy in the upcoming election are allowing the Republicans to call the shots.

Amen, brother. More power to you! Too bad you're going to lose, though.

Clockwork forwarded the following letter to our Letter Trolls, but looking into our crystal ball we do not see it scheduled to run in the next issue. Likewise, looking at our story board, we do not see a Stevo Jensen obit there. But it seems like the writer of this letter should get his chance to vent, so here it is.

As a sidenote, we'd just like to say that, of the records Clockwork still cherishes from back in the day, were the Vandals with Stevo at the mic for �Pat Brown� and �Urban Struggle.� Back then, we for some reason were attracted to the sound of the Vandals, Agent Orange and T.S.O.L., without even knowing at first that they were from Orange County. We just heard their songs on (non-mainstream, of course) radio, had to grab their vinyls and later found out where exactly the music originated from. The Vandals and Stevo's Sergio Leonesque wail at the beginning of �Urban Struggle� was the first thing coarsing through the brain when news came they'd torn down the Cuckoo's Nest in Costa Mesa.

Jeez, wait, this ain't supposed to be a memorial. Someone's about to rip us a new one, Carry on, kind sir...

Stevo Jensen of the Vandals Dies
Dear Weekly
I'm sad you choose not to run my initial letter (or even a sidebar) about the recent death of Steve "Stevo" Jensen, singer of the Vandals from 1980-84. Stevo died on August 20th, 2005, at his home in Maui. Maybe you don't check your e-mails. ... Just in case, I also called a friend at the OC Weekly and left the same information.

I know Stevo wasn't of the caliber of a Mike Carona, George Jaramillo, Larry Agran, Bob Dornan, Chris Cox, Haidl et. al., or any of the others that the OC Weekly loves/hates, but you could at least have mentioned him since he and the Vandals were from Huntington Beach and entertained and influenced an entire generation of punkers. There's a great story in his life that you had the opportunity to explore, yet only silence.

If you consider youselves a news gathering publication, then you and FEMA Chief Michael Brown have tied for dropping the ball last month.

I look forward to your smart-ass reply.

Nils Akkerman
The Vandals

ASKED FOR SMART-ASS REPLY: If it makes you feel any better, Nils, know that Clockwork's punker son stole all his Vandals records. Fight the good fight wherever you are, Stevo!

Clockwork apologizes to Norm �Firecracker� Westwell, the perennial Huntington Beach candidate for, well, everything, because we didn't wade deep enough in our email inbox to see this until just now, and--due to his P.S., which calls us gutless for not running his letter--we are now running his letter. Because all you have to do to get a paper to run something is to accuse it of being afraid to run it. It's all covered in the ARE TO/AM NOT section of our Commie Journalism Training Manual and Blame America First Guide. So, in a tone befitting a fat imbiber entering Sam Malone's bar, NORM!!!

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