Thank God for That Tax Cut!

Its hard to celebrate 10 years of the Weekly when youre busy hating the president

I've only been to New Orleans for a single weekend, but it was so beautiful I ended up engaged. Everyone who's been there thinks he owns a piece of it. I feel as though the world is picking off our finest cities one by one, and what will we do when our turn comes? What kind of grace will we show? How long will it take us to throw off all civilization's rules, and stick guns in people's faces for our own survival?

Would you shoot someone else's child to save your own?

I would, but I'd have to give it a second thought.

* * *

Happy anniversary to us. We're glad to be here with you. And we feel helpless and silenced and that nothing will matter, and here I am, I can't even help to ease your mood. But let me put on a funny hat and dance for you and try:

So a hurricane walks into a bar . . .


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